4AM+A40 Southern Time Burger


  • 2PoundAngus beef .1/2 Cup onions .1/2 Cup jalapeno peppers. 1/4 Cup mushrooms. 15 slices of american cheese .(white or yellow) 1 potato (shredded)6 eggs. 12strips of apple wood bacon.1/4 Cup of milk .table spoon of salt and
  • pepper 12 slices of Texas toast 1/2 of stick of butter.
  • .
  • (Garnish) half head of lettuce.1/2 Cup of pickles. 6 slices of tomato 6 eggs


  • mix 1 Poundground beef with 1/4 Cup of onion,pepper,mushrooms salt pepper to taste make 12 patties (cook to desire temp .Preferred 165f for 2 minutes on each side) shred potato and skillet fry til golden brown in 1/4 stick of butter (set aside for assembly )cook six eggs separately up
  • In nonstick pan (crack egg in pan cook til whites are solid )(set aside for assembly) fry bacon til crispy 165F 1 min on each side.(set aside) for sauce* 9 pieces of cheese 1/4 Cup of milk 1/4 Cup onion, pepper ,mushrooms
  • in sauce pan bring to light boil stirring frequently til cheese is melted and smooth.use waffle iron to toast buttered Texas toast.
  • time to assemble 1st Texas toast
  • 2nd 1 patty 3rd slice of cheese 4th a burger size portion of has browns 5th dab of cheese sauce 6th patty
  • 7th 1 slice of cheese 8th 2 strips of bacon 9th up egg 10th drizzle of cheese sauce 11th top Texas toast 13th garnish 1 lettuce leaf ,1 slice of tomato, 2 pickles. = wallah 4 am southern time happiness