American Pioneer Burger

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Adventure, exploration, independence and a will to survive: These make up the spirit of the American Pioneers from the 1800`s.This drive for adventure and exploration of a new frontier in the West. It is that same adventurous spirit that was the inspiration for this burger, made with simple wholesome ingredients from the 1800`s with a 21st century twist. The American Pioneer Burger is sure to satisfy.


2.5 lbs. Lean ground beef 85/15 % Albertsons Butcher Block meat department
1.5 Cps Organic Carrots: shredded (hash brown size) medium
1.5 Cps New White Potatoes: shredded (hash brown size) medium
1 cup Organic Celery: diced pea size
1 cup Vidalia Onion: diced pea size
4 tbsp C&H Golden Brown Sugar
1.5 Cps Smart Balance Omega3 mayonnaises
3 tbsp Glory Bee Honey Tropical Blossom blend
6 California Sourdough Buns/ bread slices
6 Deli sliced White American Cheese
1 tbsp Sea Salt
1 tbsp Black Crushed Pepper
1 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil


preheat grill 300-350 degrees
Peel and dice Vidalia onion first, place in a small mixing bowl covered allow to drain.
Peel and shred Carrots medium size (hash brown size) rinse and drain, place in medium mixing bowl now add 4 tbsp of golden brown sugar fold in mixture together allow to rest
Peel and shred New White Potatoes medium size (hash brown size) rinse and drain, place in medium mixing bowl
Divide beef into 6 balls and let stand at room temperature until needed
Peel and dice Celery medium size
At this time brush grill with extra virgin olive oil raise temperature to 400-450 degrees
Take beef and flatten add 1 tbsp carrots with golden brown sugar mixture add 1 tbsp of new white potatoes fold mixture evenly and now make quarter inch thick patties about 6 inch in diameter take the patties place on grill allow to cook for 2.5 minutes per side for desired doneness
If you like that cross-hatch grilled cooked look rotate 90 derees after 1.5 minuets
Now add the Smart Balance Omega3 mayonnaise into a medium mixing bowl
Add diced celery , diced Vidalia onions and add Golden Bee Honey Tropical Blend
now fold in together now check on burgers flip and allow to finish cooking,take and place mayonnaise mixture in a cool place and keep covered until needed, at this time remove burgers and allow to rest, lightly add Sea Salt and lightly add Crushed Black Pepper. Take California Sourdough bun and toast lightly 5-10 seconds now take mayonnaise mixture, with spatula 1-1.5 tbsp spread on bottom halves of buns now add cooked burger to bun place Deli sliced White American Cheese on top and top off with remaining top halves on each burger.

Serves: 6