Apple Bourbon Burgers

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Get cozy and get pouring. Our Merlot is the wine for long weekends and lengthy chats.


1 large sweet onion
1 ½ lbs. ground chuck
½ cup applesauce
2 T. chopped pickled jalapenos’
2 T Jim Beam Black Label Bourbon
1 ½ t. kosher salt
¼ t ground pepper
2 gala apples
Ground Korintje Cinnamon
¼ cup mayonnaise
¼ cup apple butter
1/3 cup Melted butter (can chop ½ t pickled jalapenos’ in butter if desired)
6 Deli Style Onion Schneck Buns (or good deli buns of choice)
6 pieces of butter bib lettuce



Peel one large sweet onion and slice into ¼ inch slices. Spray both sides of onion with cooking spray and season with salt & pepper. Grill slices on grill at med-high heat until almost tender. Set aside on a plate. Use one grilled onion slice for meat mixture. Mix ground round, applesauce, jalapenos’, bourbon, salt, pepper and ¼ cup finely chopped grilled onions. Divide into 6 ¼ pound portions. Pat each ¼ pound portion into a hamburger patty. Grill patty on med-high heat for approximately 5 minutes on each side or until internal temperature reaches 160 degrees. Set cooked patties aside until assembly. Core apples and slice into 1/4 inch slices. Spray apple slices with cooking spray and sprinkle lightly with cinnamon. Grill apple slices 1 minute each side on med-high heat. Set aside apples to use as a burger topping. Mix mayonnaise and apple butter in small prep bowl. Set aside until burger assembly. Slice Deli Buns in half and brush inside with melted butter. Grill buns buttered side down on grill until toasted. Assemble burger by placing a slice of lettuce on the bottom bun. Place cooked burger patty on lettuce. Then top the burger with 2 grilled apple slices and 1 grilled onion slice. Spread 1 T of mayo/apple butter mixture on top of bun half and place on top of burger. Enjoy. Additional pickled jalapeno slices can be added for more heat and flavor if desired.