BBQ Bacon & Cheddar Slaw Burger

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6 Large Hamburger Buns
4 1/2 Pounds of Ground Beef
12 Tbl spoons BBQ Sauce
6 Slices of Sharp  Cheddar
12 Slices Microwaveable precooked Bacon
1 1/2 Cups of Store bought Deli Cole Slaw



Step 1: Prepare beef into six 3/4 lb burger patties. Remove slaw from fridge and let stand at room tempature untill needed. Step 2: Grill Burger patties to disired doness or 160 degree's internal Tempature. Before you pull off grill do steps 3 and 4. Step 3: Put 2 Tbl spoons of BBQ Sauce on top of each burger pattie. Step 4: Add slice of cheddar cheese to each pattie. Let Cheese Melt and take burgers off grill. Step 5: Put 12 strips of microwavable precooked bacon on grill for about a minute per side, careful to not let it slip through grill grates. Step 6: Toast large Hamburger buns top and bottom 3 Minutes, then remove. Step 7: Place Burgers on heel of bun and top with 2 bacon strips then a 1/4 cup of cole slaw. Place bun on top and enjoy your tasty burger.