Becky’s Mouthwatering Burgers


Equal amounts of Ground Round and Ground Chuck are the first ingredients. I pick out the freshest looking ground meat. I usually get the butcher( which I know by name to point me to the best meats). Next, the Worcestershire sauce enough to really spice up the meat, ground fresh garlic, Tony Chachere’s original creole seasoning,finely chopped onion (if everyone likes onion)! Seasoned bread crumbs ( this helps hold the meat together during grilling and adds flavor!Soy Sauce added after the bread crumbs add pizzaz!Marinate in Sutter Home white wine. Place these burgers made into big patties and have been refrigerated at least one half hour over the perfect grill coals, slowly cooking with the grill up high. After the burgers are done. Put the onion buns on the grill lightly toast to golden brown add Wisconsin serously cheddar extra sharp cheese along with the real butter and chopped chives and more ground garlic on the bun made into a light and flavorful paste and extra flavorful when toasted!!Then the lettuce, tomato, pickle, more onion,green hot peppers, and condiments to your taste!



Mix together the ground round and ground chuck first. Then add one fourth cup of Worcestershire sauce. Mix in 6 ground garlic cloves well ground. Then add Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning 3 tablespoons, add the finely chopped yellow onion one whole onion small, then add seasoned bread crumbs one fourth cup. The soy sauce comes next one fourth cup. Form the patties carefully, but making them big enough for a big appitite! Then in a glass baking dish marinate the burgers in one half inch Sutter Home white wine until 15 min on each side soaked up the wine. Place the refrigerated burgers on the ready coals and mesquite wood. When just right lightly browned NOT BURNED add the cheese until melted. Then take the burgers off and put the onion buns on the grill after putting on the real butter chopped chives and the rest of the garlic clove grounded, until lightly brown and toasted.