Beef Burgers with a kick

Pairs well with:

White Zinfandel

With strawberry and melon essences, this American original is perfectly at home with however you like to unwind.


Makes 6 3 pounds ground chuck
Coarse salt
1 1/2 teaspoons freshly ground pepper
3 ounces thinly sliced fresh mozzarella
1 tablespoon chopped fresh herb leaves, such as oregano or basil 12 grape tomatoes, halved
Vegetable oil, for brushing
6 hamburger buns



1. Using your hands, combine beef, 3 teaspoons salt, and the pepper in a bowl. Shape into 6 balls. Scoop a heaping tablespoon from center of each; reserve. 2. Fill each burger with 1/2 ounce mozzarella, 1/2 teaspoon herbs, and 4 tomato halves; season with salt. 3. Press the reserved meat over filling, pinching to seal. Gently flatten into patties (about 5 inches in diameter). Refrigerate, covered, until cold, about 1 hour. 4. Preheat grill to medium-high (if using a charcoal grill, coals are ready when you can hold your hand 5 inches above grill for just 3 to 4 seconds). Brush grill and burgers with oil. Grill, flipping once, about 4 minutes per side for rare or 10 minutes per side for well-done. Serve on the BUNS!!!!