Bernice Burger


-1/2 ground beef sirlion , 1/2 ground chuck
-maytag blue cheese
-blackening seasoning
-New Orleans french bread
-Abita beer battered Vidalia onion rings
-Granny’s Creole Tomato Cole Slaw
-Apple smoked bacon
-Cane’s Sauce



Mix two kinds of ground beef. Form thin patties. Pile blue cheese on top of patty and place another patty on top. Press edges firmly together to form tight seal and one patty stuffed with cheese. Coat outside of patty with Spicy blackenening seasoning and essence mixture. Grill burgers and generously douse with worchestershire with grilling.
Soak vidialia onion rings in abita amber beer over night. Take out of beer and batter them with flour/essence/black pepper mixture. Deep fry. Make Granny’s creole tomato cole slaw. Pan fry apple smoked bacon. Slice french bread brush with olive oil and toast on open grill. On bottom piece of toasted new orleans french bread spread Cane’s Sauce, then top with maytag blue chease stuffed blackened hamburger patty. Top Patty with Granny’s Coleslaw and last but not least two large Abita Amber battered Vidalia onion rings. Cover with top slice of toasted french bread.