Breakfast campfire burger surprize

Pairs well with:

White Zinfandel

With strawberry and melon essences, this American original is perfectly at home with however you like to unwind.


Burger Ingredients:
1) 32 ounces (2 pounds) ground beef (80% lean)
2) 8 ounces spicey pork breakfast sausage
3) Seven eggs (6 for burger, one for bun)
4) Six slices hickory-smoked canadien bacon
5) Six slices mild cheddar cheese
6) Twelve tablespoons apple-butter
7) Oil to grease grill
Bun Ingredients:
8) 3 cups buttermilk pancake mix
9) 3/4 stick softened salted butter Will be divided. (1/2 stick for bun, 1/4 stick for greasing bbq griddle.)
10) 1 cup cold milk
11) 1/3 cup pure maple syrup
One egg (already listed under burger ingredients)



One side of bbq should be standard grates and the other side should be a flat griddle. Heat grate side to med-high, heat griddle to low-med. Combine beef and sausage until well mixed. Divide burger into 6-4oz balls and 6 balls from the remaining burger (about 2.5 oz each) Form all balls into 5 inch patties. In center of thicker four ounce parries form a well (about 1/4 cup in size). Crack one egg into each well. Top each of these patties with the smaller patties and carefully crimp all edges to seal. Place burgers onto med-high (greased) grill with lid open. Grill for five minutes. In bowl combine all "Bun" ingredients and mix until well coated but not smooth. Batter should be thicker than pancake batter but not as thick as biscuit mix. Add more milk or pancake mix if needed. Mix should still be just pourable when done. Lightly butter griddle side of bbq and drop about 1/4 cup of mix onto griddle to make 12-6" pancake-buns. (If the griddle is not big enough to make 12 buns all at once, they can be made just ahead of time and set aside.) Flip burgers (carfully as not to break seal). Place one slice of bacon on each burger. After 2-3 minutes flip pancakes and close lid. After 2-3 minutes open lid and place one slice of cheese on each burger. Close lid. After one minute remove pancakes to serving plate and spread one tbsp of apple-butter on each pancake. Place one burger on each pancake and top with other pancake, apple-butter side down. Enjoy. Please note: Cooking times may vary depending on individual grill and doneness preferences of diners.