Bubba’s Dill Pickle Burger


5 stacker dill pickles
2 Lbs. ground beef sirloin
2 tsp. steak seasoning (McCorrmick Steakhouse grinder)
pinch of Salt
1 tsp. fresh ground black pepper
6 thick slices cheddar cheese
dijion mustard
6 whole wheat buns
cooking spray for grill



Heat the grill. Place 5 stacker dill pickles onto paper towels. Drain pickles for 2 minutes. Change paper towels and drain for another 2 minutes then pat dry. Cut out center stip of pickles where it is soft. Dice pickle strips into medium sized chunks. Place ground sirloin in bowl. Add steak seasoning, salt & pepper, and diced pickles Mix ( be careful not to over mix). Form into six patties. Spray grill with cooking oil. Place burgers on grill and cook to desired doneness. When burgers are almost done, top with cheddar cheese slices and finish cooking until cheese is melted. Toast whole wheat buns on grill. Place hamburger patty on bun and spread with dijion mustard.