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Bright and full-bodied, this Zinfandel wine is a curious contradiction in tastes.


Patty Filling
6 thin slices of hard salami
6 thin slices of mozzarella cheese
6 thin slices of Vidalia onion
2 1/4 pounds of ground chuck beef
salt and pepper
6 fresh basil leaves-finely chopped
3 garlic cloves-crushed
Red Balsamic Vinegar
Nonstick grill spray
6 wheat hamburger buns
Grey Poupon mustard
6 thin slices of tomato
6 pieces of iceberg lettuce



Prepare gas grill by putting grill rack as low as possible and coat with nonstick spray. Heat to highest temperature-500 degrees,if possible. Patty Filling To make the patty filling spread out the six slices of mozzarella cheese. Place a piece of hard salami on each piece of cheese. Put a piece of Vidalia onion on top of the salami. Then put another piece of salami on top of the onion. Now fold the lower cheese slice over to enclose the filling ingredients. Then cut this folded cheese item in half,resulting in two quartered filler items for each of the six patties. Forming the Patties To make the patties, divide the beef into six equal size balls. Flatten the six balls in preparation for the filling. Salt and pepper each patty. Spread finely chop fresh basil leaves on the patties. Use a garlic press to crush the garlic cloves and spread on the patties. Lastly,pour a few drops of red balsamic vinegar on the patties. Now, you are ready to fill the patties. On top of each patty place two sacked quartered filler items. Reform the flattened patties into balls to enclose the fillers. Finally, to avoid too much handling of the meat,use a patty former to prepare the patties for grilling. When sprayed grill reaches the high temperature,turn down to the lowest setting. Wait approximatelly one minute with lid open and then immediately place patties on the rack. Cover and cook for 5-7 minutes on each side,turning once. When patties are cooked place them on a warming rack to keep warm. Place the rolls on the grill to lightly toast. To assemble burger, place burger on bun. Spread each burger with Grey Poupon mustard and ketchup. Next,place a piece of sliced tomato on each burger and top this with a piece of lettuce. Put the top of the bun on the burger. Now the burgers are ready to serve.