Burger(s) Kim Chi


Beef hamburger patties,hand-patted or pre-pack frozen;number based on demand, jar of kim chi, hamburger buns, green onions, potato chips, dry red wine or beer.



Start the grill. Use charcoal or gas if so constrained. Real hickory or oak chunks burned to hot embers are preferred in these parts… While the fire is getting ready crack open a bottle of Sutter Home Cabernet Sauvignon or other flavorful dry red wine. Beer is good also. Julia Child,may she rest in peace,would approve. At the appropriate time slap those burgers down. Do not overcook. A well-done burger is mandated everywhere if eaten out. Let’s cook ours’ the way we like them. When ready remove from grill and set aside. Toast buns to preference-or not. Serve with a hearty portion of kim-chi on top. No cheese. Chips accompany this fare and green onions are eaten as a side dish. Wine and/or beer compliment.