Chicken Avasto Burger

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Reach for our Chardonnay when you’re in the mood for a rich and creamy wine that delights with the fruity flair of pear, apple, and peach.


1. 3 pkg (48oz) ground chicken
2. 9 tbs. Classico Sun-dried tomato pesto
3. 6 medium avocados
4. 3 plum tomatoes
5. 3 tsp salt
6. 3 tsp pepper
7. 6 Ciabatta buns



1. Empty chicken into large bowl 2. Place pesto in with chicken and mix well with hands. Place mixture to the side. 3. Cut avocados in half. Peel skin and remove seed. 4. Place six halves of avocado in food processor. Slice other six halves into small slices and put to the side for later. 5. Dice all plum tomatoes and place in food processor with avocados, salt and pepper. Mix will for appr. 45 sec until it reaches the texture of guacamole. 6. With chicken mixture, form 6 thin patties, just larger than the palm of the hand. 7. Scoop about 2-3 tbs of avocado mixture onto the middle of each patty. 8. With remaining chicken mixture, cover the filling and pinch the sides to seal. 9. Grill on charcoal grill at about 175 degrees for appr. 30-45 minutes, flipping about halfway through. 10. One the bottom of each ciabbata bun, spread layer of sun-dried tomato pesto. On the top of each bun, spread layer of mayonnaise. 11. Place chicken avasto burger on bottom buns and top with avocado slices that were put to the side earlier. Top with top bun and ENJOY!