classic chise


any chop meat/pre packaged patties
lea and perins
american cheese
any roll preferred



soak patties or chop meat in lea and perins for 3-5 minutes.

slice onions and place into pan

Make patties…place on heating device (pan/grill) I prefer pan…you will see later

add pinch of onion salt and pepper to visible side…cook for 3-5 miniutes depending on how you like

flip burgers and add salt and pepper to other side…place onions that have soaked up all juices and from the burgers in the same pan atop of burgers…place one slice of cheese on top of burgers…cook this way for 3-5 minutes depending on how you like.

place burgers onto buns and than place back into pan will all grease and juices still hot and sizzling…the buns soak up all the flavor…cook on each side for about 30 seconds

serve up with ketchup only.