Conquistador’s Delight

Pairs well with:

White Zinfandel

With strawberry and melon essences, this American original is perfectly at home with however you like to unwind.


Pickled Onion:
1 Large Sweet Onion (Walla Walla or Similar)
1 Tablespoon of Pickling Spice (Tied up in Cheese Cloth)
2 Tsp. Salt
2 Cups Sherry Vinegar
1 Cup Mayonnaise
2 Garlic Cloves
1 Tsp. Salt
1/2 Can of "Graber" Olives
2 Piquillo Peppers
1 1/2 Pounds Of Ground Chuck (Choice Grade If Possible)
1/2 lbs. Chorizo Sausage (Mexican Style Raw Pure Pork or Glands) removed from casing.
2 Tsp. Hot Smoked Spanish Paprika
Vegetable Spray To Spray On Burgers
6 Good Quality Whole Wheat Burger Buns
1/2 Cube Butter (Melted)
1 Shaker of Edible Gold Flakes
12 Uniform Size Leaves of Butter Lettuce (Bibb)
1 10-12 oz Bottle of Roasted Piquillo Peppers (You will have used 2 in the Aioli) Drained and cut into small dice.
6 Slices (1/8 inch) Manchego Cheese
Kosher Salt & Freshly Ground Pepper (In Mill)



Prepare the onions if possible the night before. Warm the vinegar to about 180 Degrees then add the salt and pickling spices a let simmer for 10 minutes. Slice the onion thinly and seperate the rings, then add to the vinegar mixture. Allow to sit at room temerature until completely cooled. Then put into the refrigerator. If you cannot do the night before just make sure you can make them a least 2 hours before you need them. Drain just before you put patties on the grill. Prepare a medium-hot fire on a charcoal grill with cover, or preheat a gas grill to medium hot. To make the aioli, remove the pits (with the side of your knife), finely mince the garlic with the salt. Add the garlic, mayo, peppers, and olives to a food processor and pulse until you have a nice mixture with some texture. To make the burgers, divide the burger into 6 equal portions and form to fit the rolls. Divide the sausage into 6 even amounts, form a ball then press out to fit the patties. Now lay the sausage on one side of the patties and pinch at the edges to secure the sausage to the patties. Spray the patties on the sausage side with the vegetable spray. Place the patties (sausage side down on the rack) and grill 4 minutes. Light salt and pepper the top of the burgers just before you turn them. Continue to grill 4 minutes. Top each with a tablespoon of diced peppers and a slice of cheese. With a small hand held torch slightly brown and melt the cheese. The burger will be medium after this time. During last few minutes of grilling lightly butter the rolls and place on the edge of the grill and toast lightly. To assemble the burgers, place a tablespoon of Aioli on the bottom side of the bun, then top with lettuce, pickled onion (a generous amount) and a burger. Add the bun top and dust with Gold. Enjoy!!!!