Creamy Dill Wraparound Grill Burger

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1 pound ground sirloin
1/3rd cup onion chopped 1/4" x 1/4"
1 teaspoon Kosher salt
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
Canola oil for brushing the grill rack
1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1 tablespoon chopped fresh dill
2 tablespoons SUTTER HOME Merlot
4 sprigs fresh dill
1 cylinder Pillsbury Refridgerated Pizza Crust
1 teaspoon Canola oil



Prepare a medium-hot fire in a charcoal grill with a cover, or preheat a gas grill to medium high. If using charcoal, create a hot side of the grill by placing the coals on one side of the grill only. To make the patties, combine the ground sirloin, chopped onion, Kosher salt and ground pepper in a bowl. Mix by hand gently to avoid compacting it. Divide the mixture into four equal portions. Form these portions into 1/2" thick, round patties. When the grill is ready, brush the grill rack with Canola oil. Place the four patties on the rack, cover and cook, turning once, four minutes on each side. Take the patties off the grill and set aside on a plate for five minutes. Make the Creamy Dill Sauce. Combine 1/2 cup sour cream, 1/2 cup mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon chopped fresh dill, and two tablespoons SUTTER HOME Merlot. Whisk together ingredients in a medium sized bowl until well blended. Prepare the wrap around dough. Open the cylinder of refrigerated pizza crust. Lay out on a 12" x 20" piece of foil that has been thoroughly coated with the 1 teaspoon of Canola oil. Spread and flatten the dough out by hand until it measures 14" x 10". With a sharp knife, cut the pizza dough rectangle into four pieces that measure 3.5" x 10". Take each cooked patty, spread it with 1 teaspoon of Creamy Dill Sauce on both sides, and place on 3.5" x 10" pizza dough strip. Wrap each patty with dough strip. Cut off or break away excess dough. Wrap and form dough around each patty making sure it is even and sealed around each patty. Place the four dough wrapped patties in a foil lined 9" x 13" metal baking pan. Place on the indirect heat side of the grill. Cover and let cook for three minutes. Turn dough encased patties over and cook for another three minutes. Turn patties over again and cook for three minutes. Turn patties over for the final time and cook for three minutes. This frequent turning is worth it because it promotes even browning and rising of the crust. Take each crust encased patty out of the pan and place directly on the hot side of the charcoal grill. Grill each side for two minutes. The result is beautiful grill marks and a deep golden crust fully surrounding the burger patties. To serve, take each Wraparound Grill Burger, cut in half and place on plates. Divide remaining Creamy Dill Sauce amongst four side dishes. Garnish each sauce dish with a fresh sprig of dill and set on plate alongside the Wraparound Burger.