Creole Crabby Burgers with Chipotle Guacamole

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Bright and full-bodied, this Zinfandel wine is a curious contradiction in tastes.


2 cups lump crab meat
1/3 cup Chipotle mayonnaise
3 teaspoons Dijon mustard
3 1/2 teaspoons Cajun seasoning (with salt), divided
Juice of 1 Lime, divided
1 1/2 Avocados, mashed
1 1/2 teaspoons Chipotle pepper sauce
1 cup fresh white bread cubes (no crust)
1/4 cup, plus remaining bottle Sutter Home Zinfandel wine
1 1/2 pounds fresh ground beef chuck
1 pound fresh ground sirloin
3 garlic cloves; 2 minced, 1 sliced in half for rolls
1/4 cup vegetable oil
6 slices processed sharp cheese
6 Brioche buns, toasted
1/2 cup Thousand Island dressing (bottled)



Crab meat topping: Combine crab meat in a medium bowl with the Chipotle mayo, mustard, 1 1/2 teaspoons Cajun seasoning and 1 teaspoon of the lime juice. Set aside. Chipotle Guacamole: In a medium bowl, mash avocado halves with a fork. Combine well with 1/2 teaspoon Cajun seasoning, remaining lime juice and Chipotle pepper sauce. Set aside. Patties: Place bread cubes in a large bowl, add 1/4 cup Zinfandel, let sit until saturated, about 3 minutes. Using a fork mash bread with wine into a paste. Add beef, 2 minced cloves garlic and remaining 1 1/2 teaspoons Cajun seasoning. Using a fork or hands, lightly knead together to incorporate. Divide into 6 equal portions. Using hands gently form into 3/4" patties. Directions using a gas grill: Preheat grill on high heat. Reduce to medium high before cooking. With thongs use a paper towel soaked in the 1/4 vegetable oil to coat grate. Cook burgers without pressing down on them, until well seared on both sides, about 4-7 minutes per side for medium. During the last few minutes place cheese on top of burgers and toast buns with cover closed. To assemble burger: While buns are still warm, rub them with the remaining garlic. Spread guacamole mixture on bottom of buns, top with patties, then the crab meat mixture, spread about 1 1/2 tablespoons of Thousand Island dressing on the inside top of buns. Serve with a glass of remaining Zinfandel.