cruchy onion burger with sweet and spicy red pepper mayo


1 thick cut kiser rolls.

sweet red pepper mayonnaise.

1/3 pound ground chuck beef patty.

mozzarella cheese.

1 slice roasted red bell pepper.

crunchy fried onions.

speacial seasoning.



1.mix speacial seasoning and ground beef and form into patties

2. lightly sprinkle more seasoning on top of patty

3. chill patties

4. mix regular moayonnaise with fine chopped fresh red bell pepper, suger, and red pepper powder

5. deep fry then sliced onions dipped in batter made of flower milk salt and pepper

6. slice a red bell pepper into 1/3 inch rings.

7. grill beef patties and red bell pepper rings

8. melt shredded mozzarella cheese on patty

9. toast kiser roll

10. place patty with cheese on bottom of bun

11. place grilled pepper ring on patty

12. place fried onions on top of red pepper

13. cover top bun with sweet and spice red pepper mayonnaise and then place top bun on burger.

14. enjoy