Das Uber Burgerwurst

Pairs well with:


Get cozy and get pouring. Our Merlot is the wine for long weekends and lengthy chats.


14 oz Ketchup
12 fl oz (1 can) Beer
1/2 Cup Brown Sugar
1/4 tsp onion salt
1 can or jar of sauerkraut
36 oz of Ground Chuck
12 0z Bratwurst Sausage Meat
Fresh Cracked Pepper to taste
Pinch of kosher salt to taste
6 Slices of Muenster Cheese
6 Kaiser Rolls
Ground Mustard such as Imerhoff
Jar of Bread and Butter Pickles


1) Mix ketchup, beer, brown sugar, onion salt in grill safe pot or pan.
Let simmer while mixing burger and bratwurst meat.
2) Slice off casings of 3 bratwursts.
3) Mix brat meat with ground chuck, salt, and cracked pepper.
4) Form six patties.
5) Place patties in disposable aluminum cake or roasting pan.
6) Pour beer sauce into pans about halfway to 3/4-way up on patties. Take leftover sauce off heat. Save some sauce for condiment later.
7) Baste some sauce onto burgers. (repeat during cooking)
8) Place on side of grill where burners are off. Turn opposite side of grill on around medium depending on gas grill.
9) Put sauerkraut in small grill safe bbq sauce pot on grill to warm.
10) Let burgers steam cook/bake in sauce. 30 mins or longer if desired.
11) Remove burgers from pan and grill rest of the way on burner side that’s on. Place cheese on to melt.
12) Toast/grill kaiser rolls.
13) Assemble burgers-
Place some beer sauce on roll bottom.
Place 3 pickles on sauce on roll bottom.
Spread mustard on roll top.
Place burger on roll bottom.
Place sauerkraut on top of burger.
Put burger together.
Skewer for contest.