Dave’s Own Burger


One pound of ground beef, drain
1/4 cup minced fresh onion
Stir together!
Dash of Tabasco sauce! option
dash or two of beer or red wine, stir
option; suite to taste: stir an 1/2 beaten egg to meat mixture. Be carefull, here, not to add too much liquid!
Add dash each of favorite spices. Check guest’s pallet/variety before hand.
Make into patties. Ceck guests preference as to size of burger patty.
Cook on open grill/frying pan to suite:
Lightly toast hamburge buns on open grill or toaster
Add slice of American cheese or Swiss cheese or both at the end of the grilling process (option)
Dash of catsup
teaspoon or two or pickle relish
a slice of two of fresh onion
Put together in a sandwich. A dill pickle as a side with the sandwich is great! Green olives are good, too! It should make 2-4 burgers!



Follow ingredients list, step by step. The cook should decide before hand which ingredients to use based on guests wishes. It is not necessary to have all the ingrdients to make a great burger!