Double Chili Relleno Burger

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3 lb. Ground Beef Chuck, 73/27
3 cloves Garlic, minced fine
1 tsp each ground cumin, chili powder, and ground black pepper
sea salt, fine grind
2 Poblano Peppers
2 large vine-ripe tomatoes
1 medium red onion
18 Fajita size flour tortillas, @ 6” each
1 lb Monterey Jack Cheese, shredded
½ cup Butter
Canola Oil
Aluminum Foil
Special Equipment needed: Pastry Brush



Mix Ground Chuck, minced garlic, cumin, chili powder, black pepper and 1 tsp salt. Refrigerate beef mixture for at least 30 minutes. Heat 1 burner of a BBQ Pro 3 burner gas grill with cast iron grates to high and place the poblano peppers directly over the heat. Turn a few times until the peppers are nicely charred. Turn off the grill heat and place peppers in a large zip-top plastic bag and refrigerate at least 1 hour. Seed and Dice the tomatoes, mince the red onion and mince the cilantro, mix well. Refrigerate until needed. Brush each tortilla with butter, set aside. Dress poblano peppers by removing charred skin, seeds, stem and slicing in julienne strips, set aside until ready to assemble burgers. Make 12 ultra thin (less than 1/2“ thick), 1/4 lb. beef patties. Heat all burners on the grill to med-high. Rub down the grill grates with Canola Oil. Place the patties directly over the heat, patties will cook very fast less than 2 minutes per side. Remove patties from the grill and wrap with aluminum foil until time to assemble the burgers. Reduce heat to low on all grill burners. Toast each tortilla on both sides. To assemble the burgers: Turn heat off of the burners, the residual heat should be enopugh to finish the burgers. Lay one tortilla down on low temp grill top with 1oz. Monterey Jack Cheese, several strips poblano pepper, beef pattie, scoop of tomato onion mixture, 1 oz. Cheese, another tortilla and flip start layering again: cheese, pepper strips and beef pattie, cheese tortilla flip only to heat the final side. Continue with remaining tortillas, patties etc… Each Double Chili Relleno Burger should consist of Three Tortillas, Two Beef Patties, Cheese and Pepper strips.