El Macho Mexican Burger


1- Ground beef
2- Hamburger buns- not too flimsy, I’d use a whole wheat bun over white.
3- Avocados- thickly sliced
3- Thickly sliced deli ham
4- Sliced monterrey jack cheese
5- Tomato- sliced
6- Mayonnaise
7- Jar of sliced jalepenos



1- Turn your griddle on medium high
2- Form your ground beef into patties- throw them onto the griddle
3- While they’re cooking, slather a thick layer of mayonaisse onto both sides of your hamburger bun
3- Throw these onto the griddle next to your burger- mayonaise side down. After maybe 30 seconds, flip the bun halfs over, and lightly toast the outsides for about a minute. Take the buns off and lay them mayonaisse side up on your plate.
4- When you’re burger’s mostly done- toss a slice of monterrey jack cheese onto it. Let is stay on until the corners start to melt down the sides.
5- While your cheese is melting, toss a thick slice of deli ham onto the griddle. Flip it periodically so that both sides are lightly browned.
6- Now build your burger: First- place the cheese covered burger onto your awaiting mayonaisse covered bun bottom.
7- Now lay a few jalepeno slices from your jar into the soft cheese.
8- Cover the burger next with the toasted ham slice.
9- Add your avocado slices, and a slice of tomato to cool it off.
10- Place the top bun on your stack and enjoy!