Expresso,Cocoa,Chipotle Burger with Guacamole and Lime, Chipotle Dressing

Pairs well with:

Sauvignon Blanc

With hints of passion fruit, melon, and citrus, this wine beckons you to kick back and find a perfect porch swing.


1/2 CUP finely chopped Cilantro leaves
1/4 CUP finely chopped White Onion
2 Jalapeno peppers seeds removed, finely chopped (reserve 1/2 of total for meat patties)
4 Garlic cloves — finely pressed
3 ripe Avocados
2 Limes — juiced (reserve 1/2 total for Lime,Chipotle dressing)
3/4 CUP chopped ripe Tomato
2 TSP coarse Sea Salt (reserve 1 1/2 TSP for meat patties)
1 1/4 CUP Mascarpone cheese (reserve 1/4 CUP for meat patties)
juice of 1 Lime (see GUACAMOLE)
2 1/2 TBSP Chipotle Rub (reserve 2 TBSP for DRY RUB)
2 TBSP instant Expresso coffee
2 TBSP dutch processed Dark Cocoa Powder
2 1/4 pounds ground Beef (15% fat content)
4 TBSP Mascarpone cheese (see LIME CHIPOTLE DRESSING)
1 finely chopped Jalapeno pepper (see GUACAMOLE)
1 1/2 TSP coarse Sea Salt (see GUACAMOLE)
1/2 TSP coarse ground Black Pepper
8 ounces Monterey Jack Cheese — sliced
6 large Hambuger Buns –split



GUACAMOLE 1. Place the chopped Cilantro,White Onion,1/2 the chopped Jalapeno pepper and the pressed Garlic in a bowl and mix together. 2. Halve Avocados and remove pits. Scoop out flesh with a spoon and add to bowl. 3. Add the juice of 1 Lime. 4. Gently fold and chop the Avocados and Lime juice into the Cilantro, Onion, Jalapeno, Garlic mixture leaving 1 inch Avocado chunks. 5. Add the chopped Tomato and mix gently. 6. Add 1/2 TSP coarse Sea Salt and mix together. Cover bowl and set aside. LIME CHIPOTLE DRESSING 1. Combine 1 CUP Mascarpone cheese, juice of 1 Lime and 1/2 TBSP Chipotle rub in bowl. 2. Mix until Chipotle rub powder is completely incorporated and dressing is smooth. 3. Cover bowl and refrigerate. DRY RUB 1. Add Expresso, Cocoa powder and Chipotle Rub in small bowl. 2. Mix together and set bowl aside. MEAT PATTIES 1. Combine ground Beef, Mascarpone cheese, chopped Jalapeno pepper, Sea Salt and Black Pepper into large bowl. 2. Gently mix together with hands to incorporate. 3. Divide mixture into 6 patties approx. 3/4 inch thick. 4. Dimple the center of each side of the patties. 5. Liberally apply DRY RUB mixture to meat patties on all sides. 6. Cover and refrigerate. FINAL PREPERATION 1. Prepare Grill, all burners on, on HIGH heat for 8 minutes 2. Brush grill with Olive Oil. 3. Grill Meat patties on HIGH heat for THREE MINUTES and flip. 4. Continue to Grill on HIGH heat for additional THREE MINUTES and flip AGAIN 5. Turn off back burner of grill and reduce front burners to MEDIUM HIGH. 6. Top Burgers with sliced Monterey Jack Cheese and continue to grill burgers until desired doneness, approx. 3 minutes for medium rare. 7. Remove Burgers and rest for 2 minutes. 8. While Burgers are resting, toast Hambuger Buns, split side down, on back burner until lightly toasted, approx. 1 minute. 9. Apply 1 1/2TBSP LIME CHIPOTLE DRESSING to bottom half of each Hamburger Bun. 10. Add rested Burgers to bottom Bun. 11. Top Burgers with 2 TBSP GUACAMOLE 12. Add Hamburger Bun tops. 13. Serve immediately.