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Bright and full-bodied, this Zinfandel wine is a curious contradiction in tastes.


Pico De Gallo
-Four large beefsteak tomatos
-One white onion
-1.5 cups of cilantro
-one anehiem pepper
-Two avocodos sliced about quarter inch thick
-one pound ground chuck
-one pound ground sirlion
-roasted anehiem pepper
-6 slices of a good quality pepperjack cheese
Mayonnaise cilantro pesto
-1.5 cups of mayoniase
-half cup cilantro
-3-6 tbls of olive oil
-6 ciabatta roles



1. prepare a medium high charcoal fire or medium on a gas grill 2. Begin the pico de gallo salad by chopping the tomatos, onions, and cilanto. Remove the seeds from the pepper and mince. Combine the chopped ingrediants adding salt and pepper to taste. 3. Slice two avacodos into quarter inch thick slices 4. Roast one anehiem pepper. After roasting chop into pieces. 5. Mix the two meats together adding salt and pepper and chopped anehiem peppers. Set aside to rest. 6. Put the half cup of cilantro in a morter and pestel and mash adding just enough salt for an abrasive. After getting cilantro groung down begin adding olive oil just to combine. Add in mayonaise and work until the mixture is combined. 7. Make six equal patties out of the meat mixture and grill until reaching a medium temperature, put cheese on and let finish cooking, until cheese is melted. 8. Spread mayonaise on the top and bottom of rolls. 9. Put down meat patty 10. Put on four slices of avacodo on each 11. Top with the pico de gallo mix 12. Finish with top bun