Green Chile Cilranto burger with cheese,and Sweet Red Pepper Mayo Sauce

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2 pounds Ground chuck 94% lean
8 Oz. Bacas fresh frozen hot Green chile
8 Table spoons fresh Cilantro chopped fine
4 table spoons steak sauce
3 table spoons fresh lime juice (1 lime)
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon corse ground pepper
Sliced Colby jack, cheese
Sweet Red pepper mayo sauce
half sweet red pepper diced
half white onion diced
2 table spoons chopped cilantro
3 table spoons heated olive oil
1 cup mayo
1 tea spoon cajun pepper
1 table spoon parsely flakes
half stick butter
Potato Buns
Iceberg letuce
white onion



In mixing bowl put ground beef,add 8 oz Bacas hot green chilie (thawed),chopped cilantro,A-1 steak sauce,lime juice,salt,pepper. Mix all into the meat well. Use a burger press for perfect thickness (3/4 inch), and shape. Press into patties,grill to medium well, makes 6 burgers. For Sauce, Dice up Red sweet pepper,onion,& cilantro Heat small saute pan with Olive oil, Saute Red pepper,onion,and cilantro,till onion is clear in color. Put mayo in mebium bowl, mix in cooked vegies, cajun pepper, parsely flakes, & salt. Chil while burgers are cooking. When burgers are done cooking,put cheese slice on burgers while still on the grill, spread butter on the buns, grill buns slightly. Put Sweet red pepper Mayo on buns, slice tomato,onion and crispy letuce. Enjoy