grill hamburger


1. (90 or 93 percent lean) hamburger

2. BBQ sauce

3. wine or beer

4. fresh lettuce leaves

5. sweet onion sliced thin

8. tomatoes sliced thin



. Patty (90 or 93 percent lean) hamburger in large, thick paddies. one fourth to one half pound each.

2. Mix BBQ sauce and wine/beer together and set aside to baste patties with.

3. Butter hambuger buns (top, insides) and set aside to grill.

4. Grill hamburges to your preference for doneness. Basting as they grill.

5. Grill buns. Then place buns on severing plate and place a hambuger on each bun.

6. Garnish each burger to fresh lettuce, sweet onion and tomato.