Hacksaw’s Here’s Your Beef Burger

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Bright and full-bodied, this Zinfandel wine is a curious contradiction in tastes.


8 oz crimini mushrooms diced
2 tbsp salted butter
1/2 cup finely diced shallots
4 oz Sutter Home Zinfandel
1 tsp fresh thyme crumbled
Kosher Salt
Fresh coarsely ground black pepper
2 lbs freshly ground round steak
1 tsp olive oil
6 oz imported swiss cheese
1 loaf san francicso sourdough med slice
1 heart of romaine



1 In a minimum 10" dry skillet brown mushrooms 2 In a heavy pot over med low heat, lightly carmelize shallots 20 minutes 3 Add crumbled thyme and stir for 2 minutes 4 Add wine, increaase heat to medium and stir until simmer for 5 minutes 5 Add mushrooms and simmer over low heat until juices are absorbed. Salt and pepper to taste. 6 Divide mushroom mixture into two even portions 7 Form patties with 1/6th of first mushroom portion in center of each (see comments) Salt and pepper both sides. 8 Lightly brush grill, patties, and sourdough with oil 9 Grill patties over very hot fire 6 inches from coals unccovered 4 minutes or until pronounced grill marks form 10 Raise grill 6 inches or go to second tier and flip patties to cook covered 5 minutes longer (internal temperature 145F) 11 In last two minutes place slice of swiss cheese on top of patties 12 Place 1/6th of remainig mushroom mixture on top of melted cheese on each patty 13 Place burger on grilled sourdough with two leaves of crisp heart of romaine 14 Pour any accumulated juice from patty and mushroom mixture over top of sourdough