Half o Pound Grilled Spicy Pepper Burger

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Reach for our Chardonnay when you’re in the mood for a rich and creamy wine that delights with the fruity flair of pear, apple, and peach.

Wanted an open faced burger with Red, Green and Yellow bell pepper with Vadalia Onions with a Kick of coarse ground pepper corns and pepper sauce cooked into the meat. The meat I wanted to be 80% lean or better. (I now use 97%!)

Topped with Pepper jack Cheese! What a great meal on a open faced Hoagie Roll!


3-4 lb’s Lean Ground Beef

1 Small Bottle Pepper Sauce (Tabasco, or Your favorite fire sauce)

4 tablespoons Coarse Ground Peppercorns

Bell Peppers, (2-Green, 2-Yellow & 2-Red)

3 Large Vadalia Onions

6 Large Wholegrain Hoagie Rolls.

12 Slices Pepper jack Cheese


In large Mixing bowl thoroughly combine ground beef with Pepper sauce and Ground peppercorns. Cover and place in refrigerator for 60 to 90 minutes.

Next, cut top and bottoms off of Bell Peppers, remove seeds,then Julienne cut peppers 1/8″ to 1/4″. Rinse thoroughly in colander, then set aside to allow excess water to evaporate.

Next, Remove outer skins of Vadalia Onions. Remove top and bottoms.Slice onions 1/4″ thick, then cut slices in half..

Next remove peppers from colander to bowl or plate.

Put onions in colander and rinse well.

Next remove beef from refrigerator and form into 6 equal sized oblong patties (Half pound +/-).

Next Grill on medium heat until done.

While grilling formed patties, Grill peppers and onions to tender crisp. Set aside.

Open Hoagie Rolls and spray grill with butter flavored cooking spray. toast open side of rolls.

Next lay roll on plate toasted side up, place cooked beef patty on roll top with 2 slices pepperjack cheese.

Next top with the grilled onions,then the bell peppers,

Serve & Enjoy!