Haute Halibut Burgers

Pairs well with:

White Zinfandel

With strawberry and melon essences, this American original is perfectly at home with however you like to unwind.


1. 3 large fresh cucumbers
2. 1 bunch of fresh Cilantro
3. 2 medium size fresh sweet onion-Maui or Vidalia will do.
4. 6 fresh green Jalapeno peppers with seeds
5. 1 cup sugar
6. 4 cup Apple Cider Vinegar; use enough to cover cut veggies in your marinating bowl.
7. 1 cup Sweet Chili Sauce
8. 1 ¼ cup Sambal Olek
9. 1 ¼ cup Seafood Sauce-Tangy
10. 6 tsp Garlic salt
11. 6 tsp White Pepper [Fine Grind],
12. Halibut Fresh: 6 fillets weighing approx. 3 lbs total. -Allow ½ lb per serving pre-cook weight, trim to no more than 2 inches thick. Ask fishmonger to hand cut fillets to approximate size/weight and leave skin on. De-bone as much as possible.
13. Butter-2 stick melted
14. 2 cup Trinity Oaks 2004 Johannisberg Riesling-Sutter Home in spritzer bottle
15. 12 slices fresh Sour Dough Bread-you will need 2-oval loaves to make 6 equal size burgers!



Cucumber-Onion Garnish-Prep Time 15 minutes 1. Rinse, peel and thin slice 3 large cucumbers 2. Rinse and rough cut one bunch of fresh cilantro, set aside ¼ cup, and reserve the remaining for later use. 3. Peel, rinse and thin slice 2 medium size sweet onions, use Maui or Vidalia’s 4. Take 6 large green jalapeño peppers, rinse & cut into thin slices. 5 Place thin sliced; cucumbers, onions, jalapeños, and ¼ cup of rough cut cilantro into large bowl add sugar and cover with apple cider vinegar and mix well, cover, refrigerate and allow marinating for minimum 30 minutes. WASH HANDS; DO NOT TOUCH FACE OR EYES! WASH HANDS. Haute Halibut Dressing: Prep Time 3-5 minutes Measure out and combine 1 -cup Sweet Chili Sauce-Mae Ploy Brand 1 -¼ cup Sambal Oelek 1 -¼ cup Seafood Sauce-Spicy -Mix & stir together in small plastic bowl , cover , set aside and refrigerate. Season Mix: Prep Time 3-5 minutes Measure out and combine 6 tsp Garlic salt 6 tsp White Pepper [Fine Grind], -Mix & toss together in plastic cup and place all of season mix into dry seasoning shaker and set aside. -Start your charcoal now! Use double load, yes! 2 charcoal chimneys! You Must Have Hot Grill! Fillets: Prep Time 25 minutes while grill is getting hot. Wash hands with soap and rinse well with warm water, wash and rinse hands often during prep time and handling of food. Be sure your hand and finger jewelry is off and you have short well trimmed finger nails! If hands and finger nails are now washed and clean, proceed! Melt butter in small pan, while butter is melting on medium heat area of grill, take the Halibut fillets, review, feel and remove any bones still left in fillets, using clean needle nose pliers pull bones out and discard. Gently pat fillet dry with paper towel, brush both sides of fillet with melted butter and sprinkle dry season mix on fillet. Use approx 1 tsp per fillet of dry season mix. {Leave fillet skin on at this point] Repeat this process till there are 6 Haute Halibut fillets lay out on large cookie tray, ready to grill, cover aluminum foil and keep chilled till ready to place on oiled hot grill. WASH YOUR HANDS. Getting it all together: Time 3-5 minutes Prepare Grill: -check grill, move charcoals around to set up hot side of grill, spritzer bottles and cooking utensils available at grill side. -hot fire in a medium to large kettle charcoal grill with a cover-leave one side as low heat side. Place non-stick grill insert on hot area of grill. -or preheat a gas grill to high-leave one side as low heat side. . Place non-stick grill insert on hot area of grill. When the grill is ready: What next? Time 30 minutes Once your grill is HOT! Gather prepared halibut fillets, spritzer bottles and cooking utensils at grill side. Double check that all needed items are present and at hand! DO NOT LEAVE GRILL UNATTENDED AT THIS POINT! -Brush the hot area of the non-stick grill rack insert with peanut oiled paper towel. Place the halibut fillets skin side face up on the oiled rack in the hot heat area, Cook halibut fillets 3 to 5 minutes 1st side, flip once, cook 3 to 5 minutes on 2nd side**, after turning fillets re-butter & spritz often with Trinity Oaks 2004 Johannisberg Riesling-Sutter Home.. **Cooking time is based on a fillet that is approx. roughly 1 ½ to 2 inches thick. Doneness= Cook until opaque and flakes easily with a fork= approx 130 F at mid-center of thickest portion of fillet. Remove fillets from grill when done. Use water spritzer to keep flare ups knocked down. During the last few minutes of cooking, brush melted butter on one side of the 12 sourdough bread slices, place buttered side down on grill, on the outer edges of the rack to warm and toast lightly. To assemble Haute Halibut Burgers: 5 Minutes 1. Remove cooked fillets from grill, place one fillet on paper plate on tray, take each fillet and gently break apart and again look for and remove bones if found, remove skin. 2. Take 1/2 table spoon of haute dressing & spread on each buttered side slice of toasted sourdough bread. 3. Take and place 1 warm toasted sourdough slice buttered/dressing side face up on serving plate, place one fillet / chunked grilled haute halibut on bread, then hand layer marinated cucumbers, onions, jalapenos over the halibut, lightly sprinkle with chopped cilantro, top with the 2nd warm toasted sliced sourdough, haute spread buttered side face down on halibut, place 2 -long tooth picks to hold haute halibut burger, cross cut sandwich between picks. Serve Hot and Eat Immediately! If you wait the Haute Halibut Burger will go cold and soggy! Makes 6 wowed burger fanatics and you are considered a food genius!