Hint of Asian Inspired Burgers with Marinated Mango

Pairs well with:

White Merlot

Imagine sipping a lighter Merlot. This fresh, pale-pink wine is a nice change from traditional red or white wines.


1 two-inch piece of ginger, peeled
1 small dried red pepper
1 cup rice vinegar
1 cup sugar
2 small mango, peeled
2 pounds ground sirloin
2 tablespoons premium soy sauce
2 tablespoons Colavita extra virgin olive oil for burgers and extra to brush the grill
1 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
2 tablespoons finely chopped cilatro
6 sesame seed buns
2 tablespoons Grey Poupon Dijon mustard
6 bibb lettuce leaves



Approximately 2 hours before serving time, light gas grill – one side only. Julienne ginger into one inch long strips, half matchstick thick. Place in heatproof bowl. Split pepper and remove the seeds. Cut pepper into thread-like strips, one inch long. Place in bowl with ginger and set aside. Place a skillet with heat resistant handle over the hot side of the grill. Add rice vinegar and sugar, stirring until the sugar disolves and the mixture is very hot. Remove from heat and pour hot liquid over the ginger and red pepper mixture, creating the marinade. Set aside and turn off the grill. Cut each mango along the flat side of the stone, creating four palm sized pieces of mango. Slice each piece length-wise into thin strips, approximately 1/4 inch thick. Add all mango strips to the marinade and refrigerate. Approximately 40 minutes before serving time, light gas grill and preheat to medium hot. Place sirloin in a large bowl. Lightly mix the soy sauce and olive oil and pour over beef. Add ground pepper and chopped cilantro, tossing gently to mix. Shape the beef mixture into six equal patties. Approximately 30 minutes before serving time, brush the grill with olive oil. Place the burgers onto the preheated grill. Cook approximately 5 minutes on the first side, watching carefully for flame ups. Turn burgers and cook until internal temperature reaches 160 degrees. Remove from grill and tent with foil. Place bun bottoms on a preparation surface and spread each with 1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard. Top each with lettuce leaf, cupped upward. Layer a burger onto each leaf. Add approximately one sixth of the mango strips, drained, to each burger. Top with remaining bun piece and serve immediately.