Hula Hawaii Burger

Pairs well with:

White Merlot

Imagine sipping a lighter Merlot. This fresh, pale-pink wine is a nice change from traditional red or white wines.


1.25 lbs ground beef
2 med mangoes pureed
1 TBS ginger root minced
10 fresh sage leaves finely chopped
2 med limes juiced
1 TBS fresh dill finely chopped
1 clove garlic minced
1/4 cup original bread crumbs
1 tsp Kosher salt
1/4 tsp fresh ground black pepper
(6) 7" pitas
3/4 cup canola mayonnaise
juice of 1/2 med lime
1/4 tsp ground ginger
1/2 small cucumber skinned,seeded and 1/8 in dice
1 TBS fresh dill finely chopped
Kosher salt and a dash of white pepper



Burger: Combine all ingredients together leaving the bread crumbs, salt and pepper until the end. In order to disperse the flavor more even, in a seperate mixing bowl combine salt, pepper, and bread crumbs then fold into the beef. Allow the mixture to firm up in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Form patties 1/2 inch in thickness. OPTIONAL place patties on a sheet pan, cover with plastic wrap and freeze for up to one week For the grill: Smother the grill with vegetable oil using tongs and a kitchen towel. Place the burgers on the bottom rack on high heat one minute per side with the cover to the grill off in order to get a nice sear. Remove the burgers from the bottom and place them on the top rack. Cover and cook through until the temperature reads 160 medium rare, 140 rare. Mayonnaise: In a small mixing bowl whisk together the mayonnaise and the lime juice. Set aside and in another bowl season the cucumber with the ginger,salt, pepper and dill. Fold into the mayonnaise and serve immediately. Do not prepare in advance because the cucumber and lime will make the mayo too runny. Chill all ingredients separate (mayo, cucumber and lime) prior to preparation. ASSEMBLY: With a bread knife slice the pitas down the center leaving one thin top and one thin bottom With a pastry brush gently coat both sides of each piece with a small amount of oil (preferably olive oil) PLace on the bottom rack of the grill at a low heat. Wait for markings to show on both sides Allow for edges to crisp without burning. Flip the pitas one time during the grilling process (you may want to re-oil the grill before starting this part of the recipe) Prepare the mayonnaise and spread 2 TBS- or to desired taste- on the tops of each pita. Place the burger in the center of the bottom piece of the pita. Put the top on and slice down the center. Serve while still hot. In order to save time day of, prepare the beef one week in advance.Freeze the mix. As for the mayo you need to prepare just before you are ready to assemble burger. Chill the mayo and dice the cucumber and chill separate. You may also want to slice the pitas in half and store them in an air tight bag the day before. Serves 6: Prep time 30 minutes Cook time 1r0-15 minutes depending on desired temp of the burger.