Hunky Hamburger Meat Loaf Balls


Beowulf Burger BaBe Burger

1-4-8 c. beef gr. 7 1/2-15oz. pork tuna
1-3-5 eggs 1 T flour a/p opt.
4-8 oz. onion 5 oz. onion
carrot carrot opt.
celery celery opt.
1-5 white bread 1/4 c. Miracle Whip
1 T Butter olive oil 8 saltine crackers
until 1 T butter olive oil
lightly golden brown
roasting chicken red & green
1/4 tsp. salt iodized warm water shrinks
1/8 tsp. pepper black

1 lb. spinach opt. simmering frying boiling bubbling filling oven 400* 15″
oven warming frozen thawing 350* 40 min.



Lengthwise slicing or shred bread slice.
In bowl atop ground beef crack egg.
Next me asur ing cup form burgers.
Done qtr. lb. 7 min. half lb. 15 min.
And turning topping onions fry mushroom.
Garnishing inch meatballs or skilletloaf
Adding fresh mushroom gravy or can soup.
In oven 400* 40 minutes to 1 1/2 hours.
Layer alternating stuffing slices treat.
Salmon Tuna Pork Burger shred pork roast
Blending tuna/pork onion carrot celery.
Evenly crack crackers form 5-7 burgers.
Skillet frying turning 1 1/2 – 3-4 min.