It’s Never To Early Burger


  • Toasted pretzel roll with a Over medium egg sprinkled with spinach and jalapenos while cooked ,a medium cheddar and smokey cheddar cheese, extra crispy bacon, prime beef brisket patty , sliced avocado sauteed
  • mushrooms
  • and onions and juicy sliced sweet cherry tomatoes
  • hidden inside


  • Toast bun
  • The avacados with a touch of salt and cherry tomatoes at the very top and a nice creamy sauce
  • Cook over medium egg and sprinkle in the egg the jalapenos
  • and spinach not too much
  • Cook the
  • prime brisket patty to wanted temp while melting the mild and smokey cheddar on with the sauteed mushrooms and onions on top of the cheese top place the extra crispy bacon on top of the mushrooms
  • and onions
  • but under the egg