Jamaican Sweet N Spicy Shrimp Burger With Creamy Coconut Key Lime Slaw

Pairs well with:

White Zinfandel

With strawberry and melon essences, this American original is perfectly at home with however you like to unwind.


¾ cup lightly toasted coconut, divided
¾ cup canned key lime pie filling
¼ cup sour cream
¼ cup cream of coconut
Juice of ½ lime
½ teaspoon freshly grated lime zest
½ teaspoon kosher salt
¼ teaspoon sweet paprika
1 medium jicima, peeled & shredded
2 cups prepackaged shredded cabbage
¼ cup fresh cilantro, chopped
¼ cup green onion, chopped
2 tablespoon sweet onion, such as Vidalia or Walla Walla, chopped
2 cloves garlic
2 ½ teaspoons fresh ginger, grated
2 teaspoons fresh thyme leaves

2 teaspoons soy sauce
¾ teaspoon ground allspice
¾ teaspoon ground cinnamon
½ teaspoon kosher salt
2 tablespoons brown sugar

2 pounds large raw shrimp, peeled, & deveined
1 tablespoon powdered egg whites
1 tablespoon water

3/4 pound baby salad shrimp
½ scotch bonnet or habanera pepper, roasted, peeled, seeded & minced
¼ cup vegetable oil for oiling grill

6 potato sandwich rolls, split
¼ cup melted butter


Add ¼ cup of the toasted coconut to a food processor and grind to a powder; add to a large bowl and whisk in the canned pie filling, sour cream, cream of coconut, lime juice, lime zest, salt and paprika until blended. Fold in the jicima, shredded cabbage, and cilantro, coating well. Cover bowl and refrigerate until serving.

Add the green onion, sweet onion, garlic, ginger, thyme, soy sauce, allspice, cinnamon, salt and brown sugar to a food processor; puree mixture for one minute. Scrape contents into a large bowl; set aside.

Add the large shrimp, powdered egg whites and water to a food processor and pulse a few times to partially puree. Scrape mixture into the bowl with the seasonings. Fold in the salad shrimp and scotch bonnet or habanera pepper, mixing well. Form six patties, at least one inch thick and refrigerate until ready to cook.

Preheat grill to a medium temperature; brush grill rack with vegetable oil. Carefully place the burgers onto the grill and cook first side for 3-4 minutes or until the shrimp is pink. While the first side is cooking, brush the cut sides of the rolls with melted butter and place cut side down onto grill, cooking until golden. Flip burgers over and continue to cook for another 3-4 minutes or until burgers are slightly firm to the touch.

Meanwhile, fold the remaining toasted coconut into the slaw. Place burgers onto bottom halves of buns and spoon slaw over top. Cover with top half of toasted bun and serve. Makes 6 burgers.