Joe’s Lemon Pepper Bacon Cheeseburger

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I love burgers, but I never have a good one at a restaurant and my brother once sprinkled lemon pepper seasoning on his one year during family get together.He ended up burning them and drying them out so I came up with my own recipe using a different seasoning – Lemon pepper and herb. My goal is to keep the burger juicy and flavorful. My wife knows how much I love mayo so she worked on the mayo part. She did well!!!


3 lbs ground beef 90 % lean (organic Ground Beef)

¼ cup lemon pepper & herb seasoning (I have used McCormick brand)

1 tablespoon fresh ground black pepper

1 tablespoon garlic powder

¼ cup sweet relish

1 small sweet Vidalia onion finely chopped

6 stripes of crispy bacon crumbled

6 teaspoons butter

6 Whole-wheat hamburger buns grilled


5 tablespoons Vidalia onion vinaigrette dressing (I have used Virginia Brand)

¼ cup regular mayo

6 slices of Smoke cheddar cheese

6 slices of tomato

6 pieces of green leaf lettuce washed and drained


• In a small bowl mix both regular mayo and Vidalia onion vinaigrette. Whisk together until combined and place in the fridge until ready.

• In a medium bowl combine ground beef, lemon pepper and herb seasoning, fresh ground pepper, garlic powder, sweet relish, chopped sweet onion and crumbled bacon. Mix until well combined.

• Equally divide the ground beef into 6 hamburger patties, flattening them down, being careful to keep tucking the ends in so that patties are tight around, almost a perfect circle.

• Burgers should average ¾ inch thicknesses after being formed. Cover with plastic, and sit in the fridge until grill is nice and hot.

• One way to measure the heat of the grill is to take and sprinkle water over the griddle. You should hear a nice “sizzle”.

• On a hot charcoal grill cook burgers 3-5 minutes on each side, turning only once. You can serve them cooked to your likeness or until medium well, just a bit pink in the middle, and add cheese so it melts and hugs the burger! Butter both sides of the bun and grill, being careful not to burn them, No soggy buns here.

• Once burgers are cooked to your likeness, assemble 1st starting with your toasted bun and your hamburger, and then add your favorite toppings! Now you’ll have a party in your mouth…Enjoy!