Lid Burger

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Bright and full-bodied, this Zinfandel wine is a curious contradiction in tastes.


Ground beef or higher grade burger
Ground pepper
Garlic powder
Swiss or sharp cheddar cheese
cooking spray
The plastic lid from a regular 2 lb can of coffee (henceforth referred to as “the Lid”)
1 egg (optional)



1. Put the burger meat on a plate and add seasonings to taste. I like a little extra garlic on mine. Salt and pepper are a must. If you have any other spices you enjoy, feel free to add those as well. 2. Knead the meat thoroughly. Get right in there and squish the meat. Loose burger meat crumbles on the grill. If it’s still crumbly after kneading, add a raw egg to the meat and knead again. 3. Spray the inside of the Lid with cooking spray. Make sure to get all the creases. 4. Pack the burger meat into the Lid. For a rarer burger, use more meat. For a more well-done burger, use less. I generally use enough to make it a “level” Lid, so that the meat is even with the rim of the Lid. 5. Gently peel the burger meat out of the Lid. Place it on a plate with any other Lid Burgers you will carry out to the grill. 6. If you are making many Lid Burgers, you may need to re-apply the PAM after every other burger or so. 7. Take the plate of Lid Burgers to the grill and grill them normally. When they are almost done, turn off the grill and give them a final flip. Add the cheese to the Lid Burgers. Close the cover for the grill. Let them sit for about a minute so the cheese can melt. 8. Remove from grill and build your Lid Burgers with your favorite bun and condiments. Enjoy with people who deserve an amazing burger.