Malibu BBQ Burger

Pairs well with:


Paired or alone, there's something magical about this creamy wine that nods to yummy peaches and sinful delights.


2 lbs. ground chuck
freshly cracked pepper
kosher salt
2 cups malibu bbq sauce ( 1/4 lb. brown sugar 1 cup malibu rum 1 cup bbq sauce 1 cup teriyaki sauce 2 tbls. minced garlic 2 tbls. minced red onion)
2 large red peppers sliced
12 pineapple rings
6 slices of horseradish cheddar



1. Season Beef with salt and pepper and a bit of juice from pineapple.( a tbls ), allow beef to come to room temp 2. prepare malibu BBq sauce…bring last 5 ingredients to a boil….allow to cool, then add bbq sauce. 3. place 6 .5 lb patties on grill…frequently basting generously with bbq sauce. 4. when burgers are close to done, approx 6 minutes on each side, place pineapple rings on burger. 5. place generous amount of bbq on pinapple. 6. top with horseradish cheddar 7. top with red pepper 8. toast hawaiian buns on grill 9. spread top bun with bbq sauce