Maryland Crab and Beef Contraption

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Reach for our Chardonnay when you’re in the mood for a rich and creamy wine that delights with the fruity flair of pear, apple, and peach.


seperate the crab meat and burger meat in two seperate bowls. Crab Meat: ( 1 lb)
1 tspn of yellow mustard
3 tbsp of seafood seasoning
2 tbsp of mayonnaise
1 tspn of worcestershire sauce
1/2 tspn hot sauce
2 tbsp of parsley
1/2 tspn of ground black pepper
1/4 tspn of salt
Burger Meat: (1.5 lbs)
3 tbsp of Steak Seasoning
1 tspn of pepper
1/2 tspn of salt



Add the ingredients to each product and then mix completely. Next, mix crab meat in with beef until crab meat is spaced out in a regualr pattern. Finally, take out a good palm full of mixed meat and press into a burger using a burger presser and cook to desired doneness.