Mozzarella Stuffed Fajita Burger


1 large white onion or 2 small white onions, julienned
2 green bell peppers, julienned
1 Tbs. olive oil + oil for brushing grill
2 Tbs. + 1 tsp. fajita seasoning
1 ½ pounds ground chuck (81/19 blend preferred)
½ pound ground pork
1-8 oz. package of fresh mozzarella, cut into 3/8” slices
6- Pita pockets no less than 6” in diameter, if whole pita rounds are used slice in half to form pockets



Prepare a covered charcoal grill for a medium-hot fire or a gas grill for medium-high heat.

While grill is heating, prepare onion and bell pepper for cooking. Once grill is preheated, place a sheet of foiled approximately the size of a sheet of paper or a disposable foil pie pan on grill. Place onions and bell peppers on foil or pan, coat with 1 Tbs. olive oil and 1 tsp. of fajita seasoning. Toss to ensure all pieces are coated well. Continue to toss every 3-4 minutes during cooking to prevent burning. Remove from fire when onions are translucent and peppers are soft. Fold foil around mixture to keep warm or cover pie pan with foil.

While onions and bell peppers cook, start to prepare patties.

Mix ground chuck, pork and remaining fajita seasoning together for patties. Form 12 patties to fit pita pockets. Insert a slice of mozzarella between 2 patties and seal the edges completely. Edges of patties must be pressed together tightly so patties don’t split during cooking.
Brush grill with oil to keep patties from sticking while cooking.
Cook patties for about 6 minutes on one side, then flip and cook another 6 minutes to a medium-rare to medium doneness. When done, remove from grill and cover with foil to keep warm.

Place pita pockets on grill for 2-3 minutes each side to warm thoroughly. Remove when warm and promptly start to assemble burgers.

To assemble the burgers, place a patty inside of pita pocket, top with onion and bell pepper mixture and serve.