My bitter beer burger


beef burger
an authentic Amoroso roll
dark beer like Newcastle Brown Ale
stilton cheese
olive oil
red pepper seed



1. Make sure you get a real Amoroso roll because you can’t make a good sandwich without good bread.

2. Heat the saucepan for the spinach, first melt some garlic shavings in olive oil as the pan heats, then sautee the spinach, add red pepper seed and (more) garlic as desired.

3. Chop onion into 1/4in slices, cook it in a frying pan until it becomes translucent, then pour in the Newkie ale and reduce.

4. Cook the burger in the frying pan, either with or without the reduced onions in the pan.

5. Toast bun, put the burger on the bottom, spoon some onions on top, crumble some cheese in the onions so it melts, then top with the spinach.

6. Eat the burger and drink whatever’s left of the beer.