Nana’s Merlot Ciao Burgers

Pairs well with:


Get cozy and get pouring. Our Merlot is the wine for long weekends and lengthy chats.


Burger mix:
2 lbs. lean ground beef
1/4 cup merlot wine
1/4 cup grated parmesan/romano cheese
3 tablespoons Italian seasoning
2 tablespoons crushed red pepper
2 tablespoons crushed garlic
1 tablespoon black pepper
1/4 cup onion – diced
1/4 cup green pepper – diced

Hold to top grilled burgers with:
6 slices provolone cheese
6 slices prosecutto (ham)
6 large pieces of lettuce
1/2 cup Italian flavored tomato sauce
6 lightly toasted rolls


* Mix everything together, except save for the end the 6 slices of provolone cheese, the 6 slices of prosecutto ham, the 1/2 cup of Italian flavored tomato sauce, and the rolls;
* Shape the beef mix into 6 round burgers;
* Grill on a hot grill until done;
* Immediately place a slice of prosecutto on top of each burger;
* On top of the prosecutto, place a slice of provolone on each burger;
* Lightly toast each roll; spread with tomato sauce and sprinkle with parmesan/romano cheese;
* Add lettuce to the bottom of each roll;
* Add burger to the lightly toasted roll and enjoy!