North of the Border Taco Burger

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11/2 lbs. Ground 80% Beef
1 tbs. Oregano or Marjoram
1 tbs. Chili Powder
1 tbs. Cumin
3 Teas. Salt
3 Teas. Black Pepper
3 Teas. crushed Garlic or Garlic powder
2 Teas. smoked Paprika
1 small Spanish onion chopped fine or processed
1 small can of Red Chili sauce
1 Bag of shredded Mexican blend cheese
1/2 Head of shredded iceberg Lettuce
1 small can of chopped Jalapeños or fresh chopped fine
12 snack sized flour Tortillas trim to fit Burgers
1 lg Roma Tomato seed and diced
1/2 Red Onion diced
1 fresh Jalapeño diced or 2 Tables. canned
1 Tabls. chopped Cilantro
The juice of a Lime



Mix the Tomato,Red Onion and fresh Jalapeño the juice of Lime and the Cilantro together in a small bowl and set aside. This is the Salsa mix.
Mix the first 8 ingredients with the Ground Beef. Mix well with your hands to blend the seasonings in well. Form into 6 -1/4 lb, Patties and make a well in the middle of the flatten patties so they will cook up flat. Set aside while finishing prep. to take the chill off the meat. Cook on a very hot Grill for 2 min per side for med-rare.
Take the Tortillas and sprinkle 6 of them with Jalapeño and cheese. Sprinkle the other 6 with cheese. put them on the top shelf of your Grill on top of heavy foil and tent with foil. Warm untill cheese melts. Remove from heat and keep warm. If you put them on before the Burgers they should come off about the same time.
Assemble the Burgers, Place Lettuce on top of the Tortilla with the cheese on it and a hefty spoon full of the Salsa on top the lettuce. Place a patty on top, spoon some Red Chili sauce over the Patty then top with the remaining Tortillas with the cheese and Jalapeño.