Ohio Buckeye Burger with Cincinnati Red Spread and Crunchy Cuyahoga Slaw

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Cincinnati Red Spread-
1 cup mayonnaise
1/2 cup raspberry preserves
3 tablespoons raspberry vinegarette
Ohio Buckeye Burger-
2 1/2 pounds ground chuck
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
6 – 1-inch cubes pepper jack cheese
Crunchy Cuyahoga Slaw-
1/2 cup finely grated carrot
1/2 cup finely grated red cabbage
1/4 cup finely chopped walnuts
1 small jalapeno pepper, seeded, finely diced
3 generous tablespoons Cincinnati Red Spread (see above)
Vegetable oil for coating grill rack
6 high-quality onion hamburger buns or sandwich rolls, horizontally split


Prepare a medium-hot fire in a charcoal grill with a cover or preheat a gas grill to medium-high heat.
To make spread, in a small bowl beat mayonnaise, preserves, and vinegarette until well-blended. Cover and set aside.
To make patties, in a large bowl gently combine ground chuck, cocoa powder, and salt. Handling the meat as little as possible to avoid compacting it, mix well. Divide mixture evenly into 6 portions. Roll each portion into a ball forming 6 meatballs. With 1 meatball gently press 1 cube of cheese in center and cover it with meat mixture. Form ball into a patty. Repeat process with remaining meatballs and cheese. Refrigerate until ready to grill.
To make slaw, in a medium bowl well-combine carrots, cabbage, walnuts, and pepper. Add spread and mix until well-blended. Cover and set aside.
Carefully wipe or brush grill rack with oil. Place patties on grill rack, cover, and grill until browned on bottom, 3 to 4 minutes. Turn the patties and continue grilling an additional 4 to 5 minutes or until preferred doneness is reached. During final few minutes of cooking, place buns cut-side down on the outer edge of grill rack to lightly toast.
To assemble the burgers, spread the Cincinnati Red Spread over the cut sides of each bun. Place a patty on each bun bottom and generously top with equal portions of Crunchy Cuyahoga Slaw. Add the bun tops and do not be afraid to ask for more. Enjoy.
Makes 6 servings.