Olive Burgers


Standard ground beef of choice

finely chopped manzanilla stuffed olives
(the salad olives are just fine for this recipe)


Some reserved olive brine


For the burgers blend in as many of the chopped olives as your choice of beef will accomodate. You have to judge this by eye.

The olives not only taste great but also serve to keep your burgers juicy and moist.

Use some of the olive brine as your seasoning instead of basic salt.

Form into patties and grill, broil, fry as you usually would.


The topping-

blend mayo with chopped olives, preferably the evening before you intend to cook your burgers

Again the ratio is a matter of taste. Use just a little brine to spice up your mayo.


Serve your burgers on traditional toasted sesame seed buns with slatherings of the olive mayo.