Pride of the Agean

Pairs well with:

Sauvignon Blanc

With hints of passion fruit, melon, and citrus, this wine beckons you to kick back and find a perfect porch swing.


1.100% fresh ground chuck 1/3lb patty (75/25). NEVER FROZEN.
2. Kalamata Olives
3. red onions sliced paper thin
4. fresh roma tomatoes (2 slices per)
5. Cucumber sliced paper thin
6. Romaine lettuce leaf crown
7. Crumbled feta cheese
8. Swiss cheese slice
9. Bun size cut, fresh baked kalamatta artisan bread
10.Grey Poupon stone ground mustard
11.Colavita extra virgin olive oil
12.Tzitziki sauce
13. Thin sliced fresh avocado
14. Thick cut potato chips as the side.
15. Red kale and black pitted olives as garnish.



1. chop kalamata olives into a fine paste with a hint of grey poupon. 2. crumble feta cheese 3. slice red onion as thin as possible 4. slice cucumber as thin as possible 5. slice roma tomatoes 1/4" thick 6. wash/dry romaine crown leafs 7. slice artisan kalamata loaf 8. slice avocado in 1/4" thick sections 9. brush extra virgin olive oil to sliced kalamatta artisan bread and put on top rack of bbq that is up to temp. 10.Add 100% ground 75/25 chuck patty to bbq that is up to temp. 11. add kalamata paste to bottom bread with a thin coating of tzitziki sauce on top. Above this add sliced avocado. 12. flip burger only once to retain flavor and after flipped add crumbles feta cheese with swiss cheese over the top. Cook to personal preference. 13. top beef patty with thin sliced cucumber, red onion and roma tomato. 14. top with romaine crown and add top artisan kalamata bread. 15. presented bias cut and accompanied by thick cut kettle potato chips and garnished with red kale, and black pitted olives.