romancing the burger

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Bright and full-bodied, this Zinfandel wine is a curious contradiction in tastes.


6 1/3 pound 70% lean hamburgers,
6 tsps worcestershire sauce,
6 regular hamburger buns,
4 tsp wasabi powder,
2 tbl spoons light Mayo,
2 tsps liquid smoke ,
1 large tomato,
6 lettuce leafs,
3 large ripe avocadoes,
6 cups sutter home zinfandel 2002,
18 large mushrooms,
2 sticks butter,
2 large onions,
6 tbl spoons honey.
0ne standardsize wedge of brie cheese(Saint louis brand),
2 ounces blue cheese.



mix 1 tsp worcestershire sauce by hand with each burger and set back in fridge.mix wasabi powder , liquid smoke,and Miracle Whip in bowl.puncture inside of each bunTop (at least 18 holes) with golf tee :).spread this sauce evenly over inside of buns and place to the side.slice tomato into 6 slices.slice avocadoes into 24 thin long slices after removing from skin.set avocado,tomato and lettuce back in another mixing bowl put 5 cups of wine.slice mushrooms into 4 slices each and dump into not refrigerate.slice onions into elongated strips and set aside.wait 1 1/2 hours. heat skillet on top of grill(200 degrees) for 15 minutes. place 1 stick butter in skillet and let melt. drain wine off mushrooms.immediately shovel drained mushrooms into skillet and sear for about 7-10 mintes until blackend.set aside.melt second stick of butter in skillet,add onions and honey and sear about 7-10 minutes adding 4 tsp of wine the last minute ..set these aside. now baste with the leftover skillet juice onto inside of bunTops and place up on bun roasting rack of grill(leave bottoms alone). leave lid up. place burgers on grill , cook each side 4.5 minutes(medium). set buns on grill itself, the last 30 seconds. place bottom bun on plates,then burgers..heat brie for 30 seconds in microwave,remove,mix in blue cheese.and ladle on each burger,then add mushrooms then onions, then tomato,then avocado,then lettuce,then buntop..yipee!