Rude Burgers


2 pounds of lean hamburger
1 pound filet mignon finely ground
2 oz Shutter Home Cabernet Sauvignon
Cayenne Pepper
Old Bay Seasoning
Celery seeds
Blaine Hill Batman Barbecue Sauce
Provolone Chese (melted)
Blairs Death Rain
Ground Black pepper
Heinz Ketchup
Large Hard Rolls



1.In a large mixing bowl place the two pounds of lean hamburger.
2. Then add the 1 pound of finely ground filet mignon steak. Mix with hands.
3. add 2 tblsp salt, 2 tblsp cayenne pepper, 3 tblsp old bay, 1 tblsp celery seeds. Mix the dry spices into the meat thoroughlyby hand.
4. pour in 2 oz of Sutter Home Cabernet Sauvignon, and mix all ingredients by hand until the wine is completely mixed into the meat and spices.
5. Form 4 or 5 large paties and grill on low heat until the inside of the burgers are medium done. (pink)
6. lightly spead the Batman BBQ sauce on the tops of the burgers, and cover the sauce and burgers with provolone cheese. One slice each. Melt the cheese until it is good and gooey.
7.Place the burgers on the bottoms of split hard rolls, that have a touch of Heinz ketchup on the bottom roll and uncheesed side of the burger.
8. Very gingerly sprinkle Blairs Death Rain onto the melted cheese.
9. Add a touch of Cayenne and Black pepper to the cheese, then cover with the top part of the hard roll.
10. Serve and enjoy