Santa Feburger

Pairs well with:

White Zinfandel

With strawberry and melon essences, this American original is perfectly at home with however you like to unwind.


.25 pounds chorizo
.5 a head of iceberg lettuce
1 handful cilantro
.5 cup cider vinegar
1.5 pounds ground chuck
vegetable oil for lubing the grate
6 burger sized
slices of frying cheese (found in Hispanic markets. It doesn’t melt!) 6 large French style hard rolls
1.5 cups mayonnaise
1 tablespoon jalapeno powder
1 teaspoon garlic powder



Prepare a hot fire on one side of a charcoal grill with a cover, or preheat one half of a gas grill to high. Place a heavy cast iron pan over the grate to preheat. Shape the chorizo into 6 small patties and when the pan is heated fry them for 3-5 minutes per side. Meanwhile shred the lettuce and pick the leaves from the cilantro, set aside. When the chorizo patties are done remove them to cool reserving any juices that have rendered in the pan. Add the cider vinegar to the pan and allow the mixture to reduce slightly over the cooler portion of the grill. Meanwhile divide the chuck into 6 equal portions and form larger patties around the precooked chorizo patties. Brush the grill with vegetable oil and place the burgers over the hotter part of the grill (which hopefully by now has burned down to medium-high, if you are using gas grill simply lower the temp) and allow them to cook 4-6 minutes per side for medium. Meanwhile remove the pan and pour the liquid over the lettuce and cilantro and toss to coat, add salt to taste. When you are ready to flip the burgers place the frying cheese on the cooler portion of the grill. When it begins to brown flip it. Try to time it so the burgers and the cheese come off the grill at the same time. To construct the burger place a chorizo-beef patty on the bottom of a sliced roll topped with a piece of the fried cheese and pile on the lettuce-cilantro mixture. Mix the mayonnaise with the jalapeno/garlic powders and spread across the top of the roll. Serve hot.