Pairs well with:

Sauvignon Blanc

With hints of passion fruit, melon, and citrus, this wine beckons you to kick back and find a perfect porch swing.


1. 1 ½ lb of fresh walleye, skinned, de-boned and cleaned (ensure Y bone removed)
2. 1 lb of large sea scallops, rinsed and cleaned
3. 1 cup of mashed, pre-cooked pre-packaged in store
4. 2 large eggs beaten
5. 3 tsp of sea salt, fine ground in coffee grinder
6. 2 tsp of white pepper, fine ground in coffee grinder
7. 1 bunch green onion, minced
8. 1 1/2 tsp of ground cardamom
9. 3 tsp of orange peel, grated
10. 2 tbs of fresh cilantro, minced
11. 3 tsp of fresh parsley, minced
12. 3 cups of Ritz crackers, fine ground
Condiment –
Homemade Horseradish Sour Cream Sauce
13. 1 cup whole sour cream
14. 2 tbs prepared horseradish, mixed with sour cream
15. 6 slices of Havarti Cheese Bun
16. 6 Bakery Kaiser roll, fresh baked, sliced and toasted on grill (toasted while mixture is resting) Grill
17. Oil for grill



Fish burger cooking directions: Grind sea scallops and walleye in food processor. In bowl mix together first 11 ingredients, (this can take up to 30 minutes) and let mixture rest for one hour. Separate mixture into 6 equal portions and press each portion into a hamburger mold. Dust each side with in Ritz crackers while in mold. Carefully remove from mold and ready to grill. Pre-heat grill, approx 15 minutes, toast inside of bun on grill, watch buns closely for burning, and set aside. Grill on lightly oiled fish grill, with high heat for 30 seconds on each side, then move to medium heat and grill approx 3 minutes per side, put one slice cheese on top for last 30 seconds with closed grill to melt cheese. Use wide spatula. Place one fish burger on bottom bun cheese side up, then place sauce on top, and then top bun and enjoy. Estimated preparation time: Preparation and mixing of fish burger – 30 + – minutes Mixture resting – 1 hour Grill pre-heat – 15 minutes Grilling – approx 15 minutes Burger build – 5 minutes Total time estimate – 2 hours