Scrapple Burger with Waldorf Salad and Maple Mustard

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Paired or alone, there's something magical about this creamy wine that nods to yummy peaches and sinful delights.

(I had submitted this recipe earlier, then I noticed that the product must be grilled- so just a slight change). Scrapple of course is a PA tradition stemming from the Pennsylvania Dutch.


Scrapple Burger:
2lbs. Scrapple (Portioned into around 6oz slices and formed into patties)
½ stick butter
6 Brioche Rolls (sliced)

Waldorf Salad:
4 Fuji Apples (cored and medium diced)
1 ½ c. Red and Green grapes (halved)
1c. Celery (small dice)
2 tbsp. Fresh Lemon Juice
½ c. Mayonnaise
2 tbsp. Sour Cream
¼ c. Crushed Walnuts

Maple Mustard
½ c. Whole Grain Mustard
2 ½ tbsp. Vermont Maple Syrup


1. In a medium stainless steel bowl mix together the apples, grapes, celery, lemon juice, mayonnaise and sour cream. Reserve the walnuts until assembly. Cool salad in fridge until ready to serve.
2. In a small stainless bowl whisk together the mustard and maple syrup until it is completely incorporated. Cool until ready to serve.
3. Pre-heat grill on high, covered. Brush the scrapple with butter before placing it on the grill. Cook for about 2 minutes on each side or until grill marks form. Pull from grill and brush with butter.
4. For assembling the burgers: Spread maple mustard on the bottom roll, place the scrapple on top, using a large spoon place a nice heap of Waldorf salad on top of the scrapple, finish with a sprinkle of walnuts and serve immediately.