Southwest Flame Burgers


2 lbs. lean ground beef
3/4 Cup Medium diced Yellow onion
1/3 Cup Finely diced cilantro
1 teas. salt
1/4 teas pepper
1 Cup mayo or salad dressing
2 Eggs
2Tbl. Worcestershire sauce
2 Tbl. chilli powder
1 Cup Bread crumbs



In Medium size bowl, combine all ingredients except meat, bread crumbs and eggs. Mix together until smooth and creamy. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate 1 hour.

Break 2 eggs into large bowl. Using wire wipe, beat eggs until well blended. Add 2 lbs. of beef, and 1 cup bread crumbs. Mix together with hands. To this mixture, add marinated mayo mix and incorporate with meat mixture. Form meat into 6-8large burgers and grill. Cook to personal preference doneness. Place burgers on warms buns and garnish with condiments. Serve at once